Beef – humane, free range, grass-fed

Beef – humane, free range, grass-fed

Kosher Conscience is proud to announce that we are adding beef to our list of offerings! Our beef is humane, free-range, grass fed and very happy

Our first offering is now underway- details are below.

General details:

A 15lb box will cost just $165, an average price of just $11 a lb! An amazing price for USDA, free-range, grass fed humane kosher beef!

Pickup points will be in Manhattan, Brooklyn,

White Plains, LI and NJ.

What’s in the box?

In order to ensure the entire animal is spoken for, we are selling the meat in bulk “boxes” with a variety of cuts in each to balance each box. We’ve divided the meat into 4 categories Ground, Stew, Chuck/Roasts, Ribs/Brisket so no box will have exactly the same cuts of meat (that’s not possible given the proportions of steer) but they will all be balanced by type.

Each 15 lb box will have approximately: 4.5lbs ground, 5.5 lbs of chuck/roasts, 1lb stew, 4.5 lbs ribs/brisket/steaks

I’m sold! How do I place my order?

To secure your order all you need to do is:

  • Pay your $25 joining fee
  • Pay the $165 for your box

All payments can be made through PayPal by visiting our Payment Page.   If anyone has any trouble, email us and we’ll send you a link for payment.

Fees– add $1 for the Joining Fee and $5 for the Beef Box to cover PayPal’s fees.



A word on pricing:

For some, this is a new way to buy meat and, especially in this economy, we want to understand the value we’re getting. To really drive home what a value this is (economic as well as ethically), here are some comparison prices for other types of meat:

Conventional kosher beef:  ground $5 a lb, chuck $8 a lb, stew $8 lb, brisket $15  lb =  approx $148 for a similar 15 lb box

Organic Kosher (Wise and similar):  ground $9 lb, chuck $12 lb, stew $11 lb, 1st brisket $19 lb =  approx $ 195

Other kosher, organic co-ops: $12-$15 a lb for similar bulk boxes = approx  $180-$225


So for just a little more than the conventional kosher meat you see in stores and for considerably less than other kosher organic, free range etc options, you can put quality, humane free-range, grass-fed kosher meat on your table you can be proud of.

How is it so much cheaper than other meat?

We’ve been asked that a lot. To be honest, we think the question is better put the other way- why is other kosher meat so expensive. We based our price on our costs, pure and simple.

Can I pay by check?

Sure! If you’d like to pay by check, please email us and we’ll send you the address and all other details needed to make the check out. Email us first- we will hold your spot for a few days to give time for your check to arrive if we know it’s coming. You save a few dollars in PayPal fees this way as well.

Dates and deadlines

We’d like to have all orders in by Monday Aug 24th.  That will help us get the meat to you as quickly as possible.  We then plan to have the meat ready by Aug 25th. There will be future offerings very soon so if you missed this one, dont worry!  Drop us a line to find out about our next offering.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to be in touch! Looking forward to working with all of you!


Best Wishes,


Simon Feil

Kosher Conscience, Administrator