Our goal is to educate the public about both

1) the issues involved with eating kosher, humane, sustainable meat. From an animal welfare, scientific and halachic (Jewish law-based) perspective.

2) practical options for obtaining meat that adheres to some or all of the guidelines as we see them.

Goal #1
The first goal is accomplished through our list of websites below, our Resources page and through our Speaker Initiative, bringing knowledgeable and engaging speakers to your community.  It is also accomplished though our Humane Slaughter Fieldtrips, bringing groups of interested people to witness first hand how animals can be raised and shechted (kosher slaughtered) in accordance with the principles of kashrut and tsar balei chayim.

Goal #2
The second goal is accomplished through a listing of the vendors who sell meat that may fall under the “sustainable” heading, coupled with an in-depth awareness of their adherence to a series of guidelines so that you, the consumer, can make an educated decision. For now, all such vendors can be found on our Resources page, with our evaluations residing on this page, below.

In the coming months, we will post an updated chart of various vendors and their status, based on interviews and facilities visits. In the meantime, The Kosher Omnivore’s Quest has done an excellent job with a preliminary version for beef and we invite you to visit their “beef scorecard” or view it below.

Beef scorecard

For poultry questions, contact us.