Turkeys for Thanksgiving 2007

Turkeys for Thanksgiving 2007

Our first action will be to provide heritage, free-range, organic turkeys for Thanksgiving and we’re incredibly excited. Much thanks to Daniel Senter and Yaakov Zirkind for making this possible.

Our turkeys! Royal Palms[photo of Our turkeys! Royal Palms]

Here are the details. If you’re interested in what makes these turkeys so special, see the FAQ section below.

The Turkeys will be $8-9 per lb and will likely be on the smaller side, 10-12 lbs. If you have a question or requests about the sizes, let us know and we’ll do the best we can to accommodate you.

-Only whole birds are being offered this time around.

-Kashrut- we have not set up certification yet, but our birds will be shechted by either a representative of the Chof-K or by Chassidishe shochets who work under a private Hashgacha. Be assured that the level of supervision will be in accordance with Orthodox halacha. If you have any questions, or would like more detail, don’t hesitate to be in touch.

If you’d like a turkey, please send us a deposit to secure your bird along with the quanitity of birds you’d like. The deposit amount will be $100- email us for payment info. I apologize that Kosher Conscience hasn’t set up it’s own payment system yet, but that will come soon- for now we’ll be using the administrator’s existing systems. If you don’t have a PayPal account and/or would prefer not to incur additional credit card fees, we can arrange for payment by check as well. We’re going to need the deposit by Monday morning, 11/12. After that, it will depend on the amount of birds we have- if birds are not available, you will be notified immediately and your deposit returned. This may happen even if you get your deposit in before Monday, so please act fast if you’re sure!

– Drop-off/Pick-up point will be in Manhattan on the Upper West Side. There may be a Brooklyn option and LI spot as well. Pick up will likely be available on either Wed 11/14 or Tue 11/20., we’ll keep you posted.

FAQ on Turkeys

Q:I know what free-range and organic means, but what are “Heritage” turkeys?
A: The type of turkey that most of us have grown up eating in the US is a breed called Big Breasted White. This breed was deliberately bred to satisfy the American desire for white meat with such large breasts that they have trouble standing and walking and even mating normally! “Heritage” was a term coined to refer to more wild, indigenous strains of turkey. These turkeys are closer to what turkeys used to look like, have a more pronounced taste and are more “natural”. Our particular “heritage breed” will be Royal Palms, which is pictured above!

Q:Actually, what does free-range and organic mean here? How do these turkeys live?
A: We’re thrilled to partner with Veritas Farms, which shares our belief in a return to common-sense definitions for these terms. Free-range means just that- the turkeys are free to wander around during the day, out in the open, only brought inside at night to protect them from predators. Their feed is totally natural, without chemical, antibiotic or hormones added. The turkeys are eating what turkeys are supposed to eat and living the way turkeys are supposed to live.